An Encounter Worth Remembering.

06.06.17 10:14PM

I’ve been putting this off for almost two weeks now so today is now 06.20.17. Whoops.

Well, I will try my best to describe this encounter as best as I can from memory.

On 06.05.17 when I was on my way to surprise Thai at work, it was only my first or second time taking the subway by myself if I remember correctly. Anyways, as I was waiting for the train to arrive, these three Japanese guys, probably around 50-60 years old I’m guessing, came up to me asking for direction. Now, I am extremely horrible with directions, if you know me, but I tried my best to help. None of them really spoke English, but they tried their best to put words they knew together, even though it really did not make any sense. From what I assumed, they were trying to catch an Amtrak train to New York to catch a flight to somewhere. At first, when they came up to me, I didn’t know what they were trying to ask for, some of the keywords they kept saying over and over were “Philadelphia” and “30th station”, which didn’t really help much since the subway station we were at were 30th street station. I was still trying to comprehend what they were really asking for when I saw bright lights coming towards us. Didn’t want to leave them not knowing where to go, but also didn’t want to wait for the next train to arrive considering it’s almost 2PM and Thai is almost done. Just as the train is arriving, one of them decided to show me the tickets stating that it is at 30th station, not 30th street subway station. Realizing what they are really asking for, I quickly told them to go up the stairs and go out on the streets to the station outside. However, no one could understand what I was saying, and I couldn’t understand what they were saying. So, in the end, they all got into the train WITH me. Even though they were already at their destination. For the next two stops, I kept trying to tell them to go back to the last station instead of keep riding on the subway, but as expected, no communications can be made. I even tried google translate, but still, no difference. Right before I got off at my stop, I tried again to tell them to go back, but all they did was thanking me nonstop. But for what. Did I really help? or just make everything worse for them since they were still riding the subway not knowing where to go or which station to get off even though they were already at the right station before?

It’s been days since this encounter, but somehow I still can’t forget about it. How helpless I was and how kind they were to me even though I didn’t really help. I just hope that they found their ways back to the station and made it safely to wherever their final destination was.


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